UPDATE to Ticket Spicket Fan App



Launching this week is a NEW unified fan app for HomeTown and Ticket Spicket. Fans will be asked to download the new “HomeTown Fan” app. 

The first time a fan uses the app, they are asked to enter a 1-time verification code that is sent to their email address on file. Fans are encouraged to use their email addresses (instead of phone numbers) to ensure all of their data from the previous Flex app transfers to the new Fan app. 

Once logged in, fans can then add their phone number to their profile and login with either going forward. The existing Ticket Spicket app will expire on 2/28/24. 

See Hometown Fan App Guides Attached Below


1. Download the app 

2. Login with EMAIL ADDRESS

3. Enter verification code

4. Access tickets 

5. Enjoy the game! 

With this change will come faster gate lines where fans are no longer required to create an account to purchase tickets. The other benefit is that all games, regardless if they originate on the HomeTown or Flex platform will be accessible in one place. This is a big change happening during a busy time of the high school sports calendar year. Thank you for your patience while all fans are transitioned to the new app.  

*Remember: The original Ticket Spicket app is STILL in use until Feb 28th. 


Click on these links below for more help and information

Fan App – Registration

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